Thursday, March 03, 2005

The score

I am ready to hear back from all of these law schools I applied to. Each day I approach my mailbox with trepidation - my psychosomatic responses are heightening to the point where I feel physically queasy as I unlock the mailbox. If this doesn't let up, in a week I'll be doubled over with stomach cramps or I'll begin sweating blood. Maybe I'll be paralyzed by violent tremors, or I'll get the thing my boss has where her fingers lose their color and ability to feel. Dead hands, I call them. None of these are good options.

Here is the situation as of right now: I applied to 12 law schools. I have been accepted by two (both viable options, thankfully). I have been summarily rejected by three (two were mildly disappointing, but why dwell on it; and one was completely expected. I don't blame them at all). I have been waitlisted by two (one was a slap in the face - I mean, a hyena could get into this law school, even if it didn't do any extracurricular activities; the other was a major triumph, as I was ready and willing to be rejected outright). Two schools that I deeply care about told me to wait until the spring for a decision, even when I applied early. So that leaves... let's see, three schools I have not heard from it all. So, in sum, my current record is: 2-3-2-2-3. This is sort of ok.

Each day I don't receive a message from law school increases the odds that I'll hear from one the next day. Yet the only things I receive in the mail are bills, magazines, the occasional postcard, and shit from charities who apparently used my donation to fund more mass mailings. But hope springs eternal - this could be the day!

(But it probably isn’t.)

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Anonymous said...

Lincoln Tech has an excellent law school near us in Woodbridge. One of our friends, who's a hyena incidentally, just got accepted there. Check it out.