Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Rat race

This morning I walked to the subway through the snow and slush, making my way around the men who were shoveling the sidewalks. As someone dragged a shovelful behind me, I thought that this was how an elephant in the circus must feel, parading around and having somebody else clean up its shit. I thought proudly, you either shovel snow or snow is shoveled for you. And look at me, I am somebody who doesn't have to shovel anything.

Today at work I've spent most of my time reserving rooms for events, order food to be catered, and updating records of old bills. I thought sadly, you either eat catered food or you cater it yourself. Me, I cater it myself. So maybe I should not be feeling so high and mighty over some dude shoveling the snow.

You either shovel snow or it's shoveled for you, you either order the food or eat the food, you either make the mess or you clean it up. Survival of the fittest.

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