Sunday, January 23, 2005

Stopping by Chipotle on a Snowy Evening

Whose sign that is I think I know.
On the outskirts of the Village, lo--
Into that franchised haven I veer
To find my respite from the snow.

The sullen clerk must think it queer
A guest, alone, flushed with good cheer
Amidst the slush and salt and ice
On the wintry’est evening of the year.

A burrito stuffed with beans and rice
Dappled with salsa will suffice!
Cheap and gastronomic thrills
Have never been more sweet and nice.

A savory moment from a test of will:
I would trudge through many storms or ills
For burritos and cokes with free refills,
For burritos and cokes with free refills.

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