Sunday, January 16, 2005

Easy like a sunday morning

I had such a pleasant morning that I don't want to forget it. I am quickly falling in love with my apartment, thanks in large part to this spasm of domesticity I've been going through for the last couple of days. I bought a mirror for the bathroom, an awesome curtain for the main window, and, from Ikea, a kitchen table, two chairs, a dustmat, and a kitchen rug. Now I have multiple places to sit and actual table surface, which I like a lot. The boxes have been cleared and groceries have been purchased; normal life can now commence.

This morning L and I went for a wintry stroll through my new neighborhood and we ended up at Cafe Angelique on Bleecker and Grove. I had the french toast, she had the omelette. It was a great morning for a walk - and it was so different from the Upper West Side weekends I had come to love. Slightly grungier people - maybe younger - losing themselves among the twists and turns that define this area beyond the all-too familiar grid. Winter mornings! Is there a better reminder that you are alive, healthy, mobile, fashion-savvy and gainfully employed? No, my friend, there is not.

I am beginning to enjoy having this blog. I like thinking about what I should write, I like seeing what I've written before. We'll see how this thing ages. I think I may tell a few people about it soon - so that these words don't just vanish into the ether. Although the idea that I have this secret little corner of the web all to myself is pretty appealing. I mean, would I expect my friends to be reading this all the time - more importantly, would I be disappointed if they didn't? This is where the vanity of this project rears its ugly, meticulously-groomed head.

Time to scrounge for some dinner and eagerly anticipate the Golden Globes and my favority Gritty Urban Crime Drama - "The Shield."

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