Monday, January 31, 2005

Golden rules

One of my neighbors posted a sign last night imploring tenants to be quiet and respectful of the people who live below them. After a few sentences about jumping, stomping, and excessive noise from above, she (it had to be a she, if my handwriting analysis is as good as I assume it is) moved on to the music that is audible in the hallway and in the stairwell. Considering that I live on the ground floor, and don't disturb anyone with my stomping or jumping, I can only take that little bit about the music as a backhanded slap in the face.

Many people could tell you about one of the most important things in my life, the D.H. [No further explanation necessary.] I fear that my nightly need to unwind with some music is causing a problem. I realized this is why I scurry away from my neighbors when I hear them approaching; why I bashfully held the door and stared at my feet as my seemingly normal (and potentially befriend-able) neighbor came through. I know my music is too loud. I know I should turn it down, especially when it's something embarassing like vintage Destiny's Child. But I can't. I need it.

So today I'm turning a new leaf - quieter music, better relations with my neighbors. There is a strong hipster element in this building, so I need to be cool. So I will turn the music down. That's my January 30th resolution.

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Dental Dan said...

if i were you i would approach said frigid neighbour and call her out for the culturally insensitive tempest she's a-brewing. the way i see it, its your cultural heritage at stake here, not the audible intensity of the popular (read: trashy) culture precipitating from your quarters—her blatant refusal to accept you for who you are sickens me. that tse-tse is merely looking for any legitimate, albeit unwarranted, means to attack you because she does not want your adulterated type sullying her ideals and her way of life. don’t let her use beyonce as a host. my girl does not deserve that. shooooot not even michelle williams deserves that.

oh yeah, and neither do you. i got yo back, mikhail. you just keep on dance party USAing. make your ancestors proud.