Friday, January 21, 2005

Hail to the chief, he's the one we all say 'hail' to

I really enjoyed watching the Inauguration yesterday. It made me excited for democracy. The peaceful transition of power is something we take for granted, but it's pretty stunning, all things considered. I really like it when all the ex-presidents get together and compare blue ties, and then all the congressional leaders and Supreme Court kids are up there on the podium like some kind of Hall-of-Justice, Flintstones-meet-the-Jetsons, We-Are-The-World-style lovefest.

The pageantry is awesome, I like the populist idea of the parade, and I like a speech full of lofty generalities that every red- or blue-blooded American can endorse. Of course, I was thinking too about how I read that the decline and fall of the Roman empire happened over the span of a measly three generations, and some historian was attempting to draw parallel lines between then and now. But that couldn't happen here, right? No middle-eastern misstep could be that harmful and irreparable, right? Somebody knows what they're doing, don't they?

God bless America, and the rest of the world. Seacrest out.

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