Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Gym rat

Today marked my triumphant return to the gym, after a gap of about five months. It was almost exactly a year ago that I decided to reclaim this temple of mine by going to the gym regularly (as well as start taking improv classes) and the quality of my life greatly improved. So with the new year I decided to head back in. At work I felt no enthusiasm for going, but I just tried to make myself do it without even thinking about it.

Not even thinking about something is not a good method of preparation, though, as I forgot to bring socks. So I could either rock the business-casual brown socks or go commando, podiatrically speaking. I chose the latter and had a fun time lifting some weights and trying to keep my feet ventilated. Blissfully unaware of my surroundings thanks to the Ipod, I was caught completely off guard when a freakishly muscular he-man asked if he could work in. Trying to hide my irritation at being disturbed during a crucially important moment of "Toxic" (ba ba danana na na NEEEEE NEEEE NEEEE NEEEE), I assented and he proceeded to nearly double the weight I was using, and I think he kind of wanted to laugh. Whatever, dude. That's cool. You do you.

Then I ran three miles on the treadmill, which felt awesome. I tried to go a good .5 mph faster than the girl next to me, just to keep it interesting. I listened to Seal, which L had recommended, and I zoned out to some early nineties classics like "Crazy" and "Kiss from a Rose."

So it was a good trip to the gym, except for the nascent case of foot fungus I contracted. Hopefully I'll go back tomorrow - now that I'm commuting and living on a different kind of schedule, I want to make a trip to the gym completely automatic. I felt good and I scarfed an entire burrito tonight (to celebrate some good law school news) and I will sleep like a rock in a couple of hours. I'm also trying to eat more fruit, even though I resent the hell out of fruit. I'm more of a veggie guy.

And that's my fun fact for the night. Welcome, any readers.

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Dental Dan said...


Fancy seeing you here.

Good law school news! Congrats! Who's the lucky school?

I resent the hell out of fruits too. They are always cutting my hair much shorter than I ask them too, or spraying me with saliva spewing forth from sibilant s's, or trying to sleep with me.

Oh, and btw. I resent being called "a freakishly muscular he-man." A beefy buxom boi would have sufficed.