Monday, January 17, 2011

There goes my baby

Child development update!  

Pro: Today I feel like she really started grasping the whole "bye bye" thing, opening and closing her fist as we furiously waggle our forearms at her.  An awesome achievement.  Bye bye!  BYE BYE!!!

Con:  It was a day of minor head injuries.  First there was a loud thump during her morning nap, and when we ran in we found her sitting in the crib, bawling, with the mobile above her completely tangled up and demolished.  She had a nice mark on the right side of her forehead, which was later matched by a mark on the left side of her forehead, when she smacked into the tub during her evening bath.  Although she now looks like a Klingon, she was still in good spirits and making good eye contact, so everything appears to be fine.  It's fun to see her pushing herself and trying to break all the boundaries she encounters, from reaching up to manhandle her mobile to stretching through the bars of her crib to play with the textured surface of the laundry basket.  What a wonderland our apartment has become.

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