Wednesday, May 11, 2005


I went for a fantastic run tonight - straight from work, through the Park, and around the Reservoir twice (and then back up to work). I'm calling it four and a half, five miles. Mariah Carey, Amerie, Seal, David Gray, Frou Frou, Coldplay, and Jill Scott got me through. I realized that for me the best runs are the ones where you can listen to slow songs and still keep moving. I felt completely under control - usually I run as though I'm fleeing from an angry dog, and everything is kind of falling apart as I move. Yet this time I felt calm and serene and thought about my life and how happy and fortunate I am. One of the best runs I've ever had here was through Central Park, on the east side by the reservoir, and I was listening to John Mayer's "Wheel" and having this bittersweet and yet aerobic moment that can really never be duplicated. But it came close today, in a different way, with Mariah's "Fly like a bird."

I am one lucky bastard. Job, School, Woman, Friends. Sardonic wit. Devastating good looks. Fly like a bird, baby.

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