Monday, February 14, 2005

Turn the lights down, it's time to get romantic

Ooooh, Valentine's day. How I love thee. How I regret the commercial saturation of this vaguely christian, vaguely pagan holiday; yet how I succumb to your sweet temptations of swoony cards and sugar-laden confections. Be Mine. Call Me. I'm Yours. Eat Me. I shall!

Tonight L and I will have a romantic rendezvous in my apartment. I will light candles. I will carefully select compact discs from my library of nearly 40 compact discs in all. Some songs will be fast, more will be slow. Most will be sung by black people, Sade in particular. The candlelight will glint romantically off the tin foil wrapping of the burritos we shall eat. And we shall have a wonderful romantic and seductive evening, until 10 pm, when "CSI: Miami" comes on.

Can you feel the romance in the air?

"Your love is king, crown you with my heart. Your love is king, never need to part..."

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