Friday, February 25, 2005

25 reasons

1. My parents and family, the relationships we have
2. L
3. The friends who grace me with their company
4. Generally good health and an able body
5. Independence
6. A life I'm excited about - opportunities that have me raring to go
7. R&B music I love
8. Books that have changed the way I see things
9. The New Yorker
10. The Washington Post
11. NY Times Book Review
13. Dance hour
14. Chipotle
15. Fountain soda
16. Going to the movies
17. Going running
18. My Ipod
19. Polo shirts
20. Finding a church I like
21. Living in an apartment I love
22. Having a job I enjoy, with people who are smart, funny, compassionate
23. Being able to travel
24. Having amazing options for the next few years
25. Being able to appreciate a transitional moment, being able to acknowledge those fleeting periods in life when you take a look around and think, "Yes, this is it, right now, this is happiness, and I am thankful."

It's my birthday!

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