Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Here's a Motherlode blog post from the New York Times that I completely agreed with.  And I was even moved to add a comment.

Motherlode: That ‘He’s Adopted’ One-Liner in ‘The Avengers’? Not Funny.

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Anonymous said...

Iwas browsing some blogs and the title "truth" seemed of interest. I checked out the article on the film, written by the disgruntled adoptee. I see that she believes this one liner to be offensive - where the superhero says his criminally insane brother is adopted. it is a funny line in a FICTION MOVIE ABOUT SUPERHEROS, which do not exist. the whole premise is fiction. if one were to reflect on the allegorical signicance on the message then the metanarrative must be engaged with and not the context, dialogue or realism. as a media "scholar" she seems reactionary in first instance, and secondly the crap that comes out of these Hollywood studios is just that, hyper junk food for armchair vicarious adventures. i am offended when i see lingerie adds on bilboards and buses with seductive looks on the models or the acceptable standards of immodesty for both men and women- but ofcourse when i say this i am a sensitive prune... Anyway i think you either live and let live, or try moderate things to the point of denying the realities in the world. I mean no offense to those who feel they have issues relating to adoption, but they should realise that all families are disfunctional in some ways whether they are affected by adoption or not.