Thursday, May 10, 2012

So much for the rhythm method

As L explained earlier this week, we are once again in the family way.  I have been quiet about it, but I wrote some thoughts about it when L first told me and you can read all about it, if you're so inclined. 

We find ourselves in yet another season of change: a baby on the way, new professional responsibilities for us both, ever-growing questions about where to live and where to send Alice to school.  For this family, when it rains, it pours.  Why go through one transition when you can tackle three? 

I live a charmed life, for sure. Our great good fortune.

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Sarah said...

We Shinglers are super thrilled for you guys! It is certainly the best news you get in your family life. Each time for us was a celebration that came with that feeling that nothing else mattered for those first few days.. a baby was on the way and the joy of that knowledge washed everything else away.