Friday, June 25, 2010

Things I'm afraid my daughter is thinking

1.  These people are idiots.

2.  Tummy time is bullshit. On my back! Put me on my back!

3.  The zoo-themed activity mat has become my personal hellscape.

4.  I wish they would take me to a Tea Party rally.  Comrade Nobama is a Socialist.

5.  I hate this apartment.


L said...

"My mother is so boring." and "Get out of my face, people!"

HPL said...

What she's really thinking:
1. My parents are awesome!
2. I love my new A/C!
3. Where's my iPhone? I'm ready for some face time with Bampa!
4. I love New York!!

Jessie said...

and "where's my Chipotle?"