Monday, February 09, 2009


Ok, it's been a while. I've had a lot of blog-related guilt over the last week and a half, but in my defense last week was extremely busy. It was also horrible, work-wise, but maybe now things are returning to something like normal.

So here are a couple of things. Last Thursday we went to see John Legend at Radio City, and he was great. I forgot how beautiful Radio City is; the great golden archway over the stage, the art deco contours, and the grandeur of the lobby. I love the idea that that great cavernous space is carved into just another innocuous midtown building. We had such a great time that we got tickets to go see Ne-Yo at Radio City in a couple weeks -- I am really excited.

On Thursday morning we're going to Naples to see my grandparents for a long weekend of fun in the sun (...and dinners at 5:30). This is our third time; the first two can be revisited here and here.

The last thing is that I've noticed some new graffiti around the neighborhood, on utility boxes on light posts and scrawled on the subway: "Papa Loves Baby." I don't know who Papa is, or Baby, but I know that I kind of like it.

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