Sunday, May 22, 2011

Alice update

What has she been up to?

Walking confidently.  Starting to mangle words into something coherent:  "Mama" and the like are pretty solid.  References to me include: "Dada," "Didi," "Dee," and sometimes "Gagy."  She is pretty good with "Shoe."  She seemed to be on the brink of "Cheese" this morning.  Recently, during our morning bus rides, she has been insisting on sitting in her own seat next to me, her shoes reaching the lip of the seat, her head leaning downward on her chest.  This is reminiscent of one of her favorite perches at home, resting against all of the pillows on our bed (we call it Mt. Pillow, as she enjoys climbing it). She likes to splay out, reclining with her belly out and her legs crossed daintily.  When I see her do this I see a streak of laziness and indolence that I know came from me.

She loves gnawing on her toothbrush, although she is resistant to let anyone actually brush her teeth.  She gets upset when L tries to change her diaper, but she's calm when I do it.  Now that the weather is nicer and I'm wearing shorts around the house, she is very interested in my legs.  Earlier this week, we lost one of her shoes for two days because she had put it in the recycling bin, and we couldn't find it.  For Easter, my parents got her one of those storybooks where you can record your voice reading the text.  Yesterday I opened it up and my parents' voices started reading the story out loud, and Alice walked over and sat in my lap and listened to the whole story.  Lately she has been enjoying drawing at her little white table, and she figured out how to lift one leg to get herself up into the chair.   The other night on the walk home, she stopped to wave at some people drinking at the bar, who waved back, and then she clapped for herself and waved again. 

A genius, our girl.

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Love it!