Thursday, March 11, 2010

Pull the trigger

Today I resigned from my job. This was a long time coming. Last night I received word that my new job had come through, that I had found a place to land. I was nervous to tell the folks at work that I would be leaving, and that I would be leaving the firm to work at a university in a non-lawyerly way. I expected them to snicker and say that I could never make it as a lawyer, and that now I was tucking my tail between my legs and slinking off to a different and easier world.

Obviously no one said this. They were actually very supportive, and very surprised. They even said they'd miss me. I told a bunch of different people today, basically relating the same narrative of opportunity, decision, and commitment, and the reactions varied: some were shocked, or aghast, or euphoric, or proud, or even jealous. And they all wished me well.

The foundation below the happiness and relief I felt today, though, was a sense of my own autonomy. Seeking out this new opportunity, winning it and committing to it reminded me that I am a free man. Not on anyone else's track, with no one to answer to but my family; my choices are my own. And I'm making them.

To be honest, I hadn't felt this strong and burly and in control and convinced that I'm the man since I found out I knocked up L. Today I felt proud of myself for finding a way out of an untenable situation, and for finding a new opportunity that is better-suited for my family and me. I was also thinking that this is how life is -- choices and consequences, transitions and opportunities. All of it in the service of a vision that is growing clearer every day.

Looking ahead: my last day of work is next Friday the 19th. My first day at the new job is Wednesday the 24th. And this baby girl of ours is due around Saturday the 27th. At this point the only thing I'm sure of is that all of my careful little plans will most likely be blown to bits, whenever this kid decides to make her entrance. And that's all right too.


SMS said...

OMG OMG OMG OMG!!!!!!!!!! WOOOOOHOOOOO!!!!! I'm just a little excited for you over here. MAN that is awesome. YES!!!!! You rock.

Jessie said...

So happy for you Michael -- for you and L and your sweet baby girl. Congratulations.

Ellen said...

I think you should leave firm life behind...and never look back. =) After three years doing corporate litigation at a large Birmingham firm, that is exactly what my husband did. We haven't regretted it for a single second. (My husband is legendary as the Supreme Court clerk that "didn't take 'the bonus.'") Now he's living the life of an AUSA, and we're all a lot happier. It's not stress free, but it's a much better quality of life all around. Good luck to you!

stephen said...

Good Man Mike. I Can't wait to visit with your family someday soon.