Friday, January 01, 2010

Hello, 2010

Boy am I excited for a new year. Like most other people, I found 2009 to be pretty much a trainwreck, over all. A lot of time spent being unhappy or angry. It was a stressful year, a year of worry, a year of gritted teeth. It seems like all of the good things in 2009 will come to fruition in this new year: the baby, the new apartment, all of the other changes that will flow forward. Now that we are in January I am all set to fast forward to the end of March, thank you very much, to finally meet this kid and get the show on the road.

We had a nice New Year's Eve last night, ducking into Le Monde for a late dinner and enjoying the festive atmosphere in the restaurant. We came home through the snowy rain for some champagne and the final countdown on television. It was quiet but fun. Today has been the same, a lot of reading and napping and watching shows about the morbidly obese on TLC.

The good things in 2009: learning about the baby; the short-story course I took over the summer; a glorious week in Rehoboth in August; weekends in Miami and Cold Spring; good visits with family here in the city; finding the new apartment; going to Alvin; reading some good books. Compared to other years, this is a somewhat meager list in some ways, but I need to remind myself that this past year did have some good elements, even though for the most part it felt like a crucible that had to be endured, for reasons that aren't yet entirely clear. But a page has turned, and it's a new year and a new decade. Time to start again, and do it right.

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