Friday, January 09, 2009

Is this thing on?

THE SCENE: After-work happy hour at a midtown bar. ME, LAWYER 1, LAWYER 2, and LAWYER 3 stand around holding beers and chatting. The topic: good places near the office to take clients out for a drink.

LAWYER 1: I had a bad experience taking a client to Bar X. It was too loud, horrible drinks, bad food.

LAWYER 2: One time I took a client to Bar Y, and it was awful. Never again.

ME: Well, one time I took a client to the American Girl Cafe, and let me tell you, that did not go well...

[LAWYER 1 and LAWYER 2 look at ME expectantly. LAWYER 3 laughs a little bit]

LAWYER 1: Well, what happened?

LAWYER 2: What was wrong with it?

ME: Oh, uh ... nothing. It was a joke. I never took a client to the American Girl Cafe -- I don't even have any clients.


ME: See, the American Girl Cafe is this place where little girls go to drink tea and buy these really expensive dolls.

LAWYER 1: Huh, that went totally over my head.

LAWYER 2: I thought you said American Grill Cafe.

LAWYER 1: I heard you say that too. I asked myself, where is that?

LAWYER 2: What's the American Grill Cafe?


ME: I said American Girl Cafe.


SMS said...

you can't waste that sort of comedy gold on lawyers my friend

Kim said...

awkward. I'm totally laughing over here though.