Friday, July 11, 2008

Another awesome Manhattan Friday night

You know what's going on right now? L is at a wedding in Long Island without me, because I'm studying for the bar exam.

Today, so far, I've outlined a 2.5-hour lecture, did a 35-question problem set, reviewed 4 essays, and did a 45-minute exercise in craziness. Still on tap for tonight is another 35-question problem set and 2 more essays.

Our kitchen smells weird and I don't know why. I took the garbage out. I sniffed around under the sink. I even applied my secret cleaning trick (squeeze out a healthy amount of dishwasher liquid into the sink, swish it around with some water and let it sit) but it didn't work. Consequently I don't like going into the kitchen.

Today I watched "I Love Money" on VH1 and I hated myself for it.

Of the last four meals I've eaten, Chipotle has been...three of them. Thank God they're closed for breakfast.

Speaking of which, we ran out of Cheerios this morning, so tomorrow's breakfast is looking bleak.

This afternoon my pencil sharpener seems to have broken; it only sharpens them up to this pathetic degree where I'm left with this stubby little nub, so that rather than a nice sharp point I'm dealing with a little plateau of lead. I have been giving myself carpal tunnel trying to twist the shit out of these pencils to get a point. I tried poking into the sharpener with a screwdriver to take it apart but it's impossible for me to do. So I'm left with these crayon-like pencils and a crap sharpener.

Right now in this city people are drinking, looking sharp, dancing, riding in cabs, going places, watching movies, and eating food without black beans in it. Tonight I wish I was one of those people.

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Kim said...

You should invest in some mechanical pencils. They are great, and always sharp. =)